Fashions Are Positive and Meaningful While Some Are Negative and Harmful

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Fashions refer to the things that most people tend to do. Some fashions are positive and meaningful while some are negative and harmful. So we can’t simply say we should follow fashions or we shouldn’t follow fashions. It’s the effect fashions have on society that counts.

When it comes to clothes, fashions should not be followed. What others wear may not fit you. Also, you don’t need to change your likes and dislikes in order to follow fashions. It’s stupid to run after fashions without consideration. Some people buy wow gold  in order that their accounts become more beautiful when buy equipments or clothes. What clothes we should buy depends on our financial ability, our tastes, and our identity and so on. If everyone follows fashions without thinking, people will lose their own personality and our society will lack the motivation to develop. In a nutshell, we shouldn’t follow wearing fashions. It’s important that we dress what we like and feel comfortable in it.

Fashions also include donating money and items. It’s the fashion that we should follow. Wenchuan and Yushu earthquake destroy many people’s homes. As Chinese, we have the responsibility to give a hand to them. To help them rebuild their houses and pick up their courage, we should do what we can. At one time, many people give out a large number of money and items without hesitation. We are glad to see that the fashion has been formed. On no condition should we give up helping others. That fashion represents Chinese spirits. Everyone following the fashion, we will overcome any difficulties and head to the bright future. So we don’t need wow gold  though we like to play wow, because we will give out the money to help others.

Should we follow fashions? At some time, we should; at some time, we shouldn’t. If the fashion has a positive effect on our society, it should be encouraged. If the fashion does harm to our society, it must be resisted. It’s the principle we should insist on. Only in this way can our country develop rapidly. Treat fashions correctly, and everyone will live a better life.

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